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Our Team

Shelley Maxwell, Director, ATI Foundation

With over ten years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Shelley was thrilled to join the ATI Foundation in April of 2022, bringing along her dedication to serving others. After previously working in fundraising as a Development Director as well as overseeing multiple programs in Illinois for people with disabilities, Shelley is thrilled to lead the ATI Foundation back to its roots in community giving.

Thad Satterfield, President, Board of Directors, ATI Foundation

Thad is passionate about how nonprofit organizations empower individuals and the communities in which we work and live to be a better place for everyone. He has previous experience as a United Way CEO, as well as leading corporate-community impact through agency engagement and philanthropic investment. Thad began his tenure as the President of the Board of Directors for the ATI Foundation in November of 2022.

Brent Rhodes, Vice President and Treasurer, Board of Directors, ATI Foundation

Brent has been with ATI since 2019 as the Chief Accounting Officer after spending eight years at Deloitte & Touche. He is passionate about the purpose of the ATI Foundation and is excited to lend his experience to further advance its mission. The ATI Foundation welcomed Brent to the Board of Directors in November of 2022.

Angela Aijian, Secretary, Board of Directors, ATI Foundation

A physical therapist since 2008, Angela has been an advocate of the ATI Foundation since she joined ATI in 2014. Her previous nonprofit experience includes working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop social, fine and gross motor skills as well as fundraising for an education and arts organization. She is excited to lend her expertise to the Foundation’s expanded purpose to help both children and adults. The ATI Foundation was pleased to welcome Angela to the Board of Directors in January of 2023.