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When Clinc Director Justin Kelly and his team found out about the young man recently diagnosed with a brain tumor from a patient, the team immediately wanted to help. But how?…

“I had my team think about a fundraiser we could perform in the clinic, and it was a toss-up between shaving my beard or my head,” Justin said. “We asked patients for their vote – which was in staggering favor of my beard. Thus ‘Bye Bye Beardie’ was born.”

The team set a goal of $1000 or more, but Justin, who has not been clean shaven since 2019, was willing to say goodbye to his beloved beard for even $500.

“When Justin came to me with this idea, I was blown away by his compassion. Watching the Elgin clinic and community come together to support Logan is an honor,” ATI Foundation Director Shelley Maxwell said. “The Foundation is so grateful for the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in our local communities.”

The day of the big event, the recipient mentioned he would like to see Justin shave his head too. Justin was not one to argue. He said “good bye” to his beard and his hair, making a great event even better.

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